SAKE2020 #15 Sake Salon with “Dai7”

#15 Sake Salon was held with the guest Ota-san of the brand “Daishichi” from Fukushima.
Ota-san’s presentation was mainly about their “Kimoto Style” and “Super-flat Rice Polishing” which is their very speciality. Also which very impressed me was their aging and blending policy, which leads to their brand strategy.
Their unseen effort to keep and enhance Daishichi brand is enormous.
All of these stories make his sake taste better somehow.
It’s always a magic to hear stories of brewers. Each of them certainly has a story to tell us, and as I mentioned, the story makes sake taste different.
Such a joy moment to share with sake lovers!!
第15回のサロンは福島の大七酒造 太田社長をゲストに迎え、楽しいひと時でありました。大七の生酛・扁平精米・熟成とブレンドに関する徹底したこだわりは、太田社長の大七ブランドを育てるための強い意志に基づくものだと、改めて学んだ夜でした。