SAKE2020 #14 Sake Salon with “Watari Fune”

#14 Sake Salon was held on Feb.27th with Yamauchi-san of Fuchuhomare as a guest speaker.
20 minutes of his speach was such a wonderful time. His effort to revive almost vanished sake rice spiece “Wataribune” was incredible. Everybody was touched and moved by his story as well as laughed so much by his sense of humor.
After listening to such a great story, who can say “no” to his sake?
We have tasted 5 different types of both Wataribune brand and Taiheikai brand.

Sake Salon is held monthly at JSS Information Center for non-Japanese people who are interested in sake.
We invite one brewer as a guest every time, listen to his story and enjoy his sake with other sake fans. It’s a good chance to get to know people who have interest in sake.
Also, the members of SAKE2020 including John Gauntner, Sebastien Lemoine, Christopher Hughes, and Rebekah Wilson-Lye welcomes you and willingly help you understand more about this wonderful beverage of Japan.

日本に住む外国人を対象としたイベントとして毎月開催している Sake Salon。2月は府中誉㈱の山内社長をお招きして開催されました。
Sake Salon では初めてのスタンディングオベーションです。